Kimberly Pollard Johnson

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I take a holistic approach to counseling working with the whole person helping one understand their life’s journey, the past, dreams and what brings them to present, I believe that being fully present and understanding, brings forth life change. I enjoy working with couples, families, adults, teens, and groups of all ages, ethnicities, cultures and religions.

I am EMDR certified as well as R-TAP (Recent trauma) and G-TAP (Group trauma)specified. I have been certified in Domestic Violence training through the State of California. I am understanding of the issues surrounding domestic violence and how it relates to the individual and their families and others surrounding them. My experience working in a domestic violence shelter helps me understand the cycles of anger and violence and how it now only person but also the impact it plays on the family unit and the surrounding places one needs to function in the world. I helped establish and develop the counseling services at a local non-profit working to provide free counseling services, food pantry services, food assistance along with group counseling in parenting, anger, and for teens to underserved populations.  I have worked with couples, families, children, severe mental health issues, as well as autism spectrum disorders providing counseling services to individuals who may not otherwise receive mental health services. I work to take away the stigma surrounding these issues and try to bring healing and coping skills that will elicit change. For the past several years, I have run a court ordered weekly anger management group addressing the issues surrounding anger and drug use and the impact on family, relational, and parenting issues that are implicated within the process. I work to gain understanding and elicit change within each person’s life without shame and guilt.

I assist in Dr. Puff’s weekly mediation group helping work towards living a more peaceful life. I have been a guest speaker at Cal State Fullerton sharing my journey in my therapy practice along with the experiences all while encouraging an understanding of the issues surrounding life’s issues with the goal of compassion surrounding mental health issues and life’s challenges.

I have a published work titled the “Therapeutic Power of Dogs in Private Practice.” In this paper I explored the use of dogs in the therapeutic setting and the healing power to the human soul. In creating my paper, I researched, studied, and observed my own rescue dogs while working to understand an animal’s unconditional love and how this can help heal oneself. I hope to continue to work tards incorporate them into my practice with the hope of assisting in the healing process with a goal of understanding towards compassion and forgiveness of self and others.

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpentaria, CA. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a Minor in Sociology from Cal State Fullerton. I am a member of the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists. I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I am a member of EMDRIA (the national organization) as well as the local chapter of EMDR Professional Therapy.

I am experienced in issues of relationships and marriage, depression, substance use, addictions, anger, suicide, work/ life dissatisfaction, parenting, bereavement, autism spectrum disorders and difficulty with life’s issues, I honor the spiritual and emotional aspects of life. I look forward to meeting you and embarking on our spiritual journey of understanding and healing.

LMFT 110589
LPCC 6750

My Services

Some of the services I offer …

  • EMDR
  • Self esteem
  • Spiritual
  • Stress
  • Transgender
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Emotional
  • Relational
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Self harm
  • Co Dependency
  • Addiction
  • Drug/Alcohol
  • Asperger’s
  • Autism
  • Disorders

I enjoy working with individuals, families, couples, teens, seniors and groups of all cultures ethnicities and religions.

“We realize every human being seeks, deep within himself. Whether he admits it or not –it is the peace of a still mind.”

Ramesh Balsakar

“We realize the dimension of spiritual oneness through the subtle inward attunement to our own body and the hope is to be present for oneself.”

Kimberly Pollard Johnson

“Even in our pain we can try to find happiness, love, and clarity in spirit. An understanding of self can bring inner strength to tolerate and hold the tension to make change which can be so painful.”

Kimberly Pollard Johnson

“In therapy one will disclose many feelings. It is the therapist’s job to hold those feelings in honor of the client and help them understand and bring them forward in life. Further, therapy is a process involving the deep personal relationship of trust between the therapist and the client . It is in the holding of the tension by the therapist and allowing for the space to grow from those feelings and experiences that one can move forward and grow . It is this deep human connection that seems to start with crisis and as it moves forward the spirit opens and a client can come to believe in self and trust.”

Kimberly Pollard Johnson

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Dedicated to my supervisor Kathy Klein thank you – You believed in me